RESTORATION: Our team of artisans specializes in the skills and knowledge of traditional construction methods to expertly and seamlessly restore pieces to their original codition, by matching fibers, colors and patterns. Each restored piece is overseen by specialists to ensure the highest standards of quality. Please contact us directly for an estimate, since repair treatments will vary in time and cost in respect to what is needed to bring the piece to its original condition and look.
CLEANING: Regular cleaning by professional specialists will help preserve the original appearance and texture of your rug. Our cleaning experts utilize the proper cleaning techniques based on the fiber content, dyes, foundation type, weave type and condition of your rug, while preserving the delicate nature of wool, silk, and other materials.
INSTALLATION: Our professional installers are trained in the proper handling and installation of your new rug. A final walk-through ensures that it is installed and displayed to your full satisfaction. We also move your furniture during the installation process and remove any residual materials after the project has been completed. We also provide the right underlay (padding) for your purchase.
COMMERCIAL PROJECTS: Our skilled and highly experienced team will be delighted to work with you on your commercial and hospitality projects for hotels, offices, retail stores, and restaurants. We also offer quantity purchasing and custom manufacturing. Our design team will work with you to determine which colors, patterns, materials, and weaving methods best suit your vision and your brand’s style. Our consultants will guide you throughout the project from start to finish.